B'eauty Oat Mix 400G
B'eauty Oat Mix 400G Cereal Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL). Distributor, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | Wide Tropism Trading Sdn Bhd


enlightened Ingredients

Organic Regular Rolled Oat - Product of Finland (Certified Organic by Evira)

Natural Non-Bleached White Fungus - Product of China

Organic Chia Seeds - Product of Bolivia  (Certified Organic by USDA)

Organic Quinoa - Product of South Africa (Certified Organic by USDA)


enlightened Benefits

Organic Regular Rolled Oat -  Increasing antioxidant levels and removing cholesterol. 

Natural Non-Bleached White Fungus - Removing chloasma and freckle on face and moisture the skin.

Organic Chia Seeds -  Moisture and feed  skin cells with necessary nourishment.

Organic Quinoa - High collagen and help enhance skin softness and resiliency. 


enlightened Tips / Usage

Store in a dry sealed container and place.

For 2 servings, bring 2 cups of milk / water or both and boil. 

Mix 1 cup of B'Oat. Set on low heat and let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, keep stirring occasionally.

Add some toppings (Love Earth Muscat Raisin, Cranberry and more) and ready to serve!

Optional - Salt, Butter, Honey, Brown Sugar 

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